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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) – Ultimate FPS Guide

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Welcome to this PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds / PUBG FPS guide, which was written while I was camping out in the desert (with 1 kill on my conscience mind you). At the same time, I have been professional enough to avoid the red zone during the writing process. It is also December 24, so can also be seen as a small Christmas present. This Danish PUBG FPS guide is prepared because there are many who have problems with the game "stuttering" or "lagging" because their frames per seconds (FPS) is too low (2 sec I "lose" right back to the game when a vehicle comes).

The game is relatively demanding, and requires a lot in terms of GPU, RAM and CPU. Therefore, these aspects are only looked at to a lesser extent in relation to this Danish PUBG FPS guide. However, would recommend something like an Nvidia GTX 960M as a minimum to ensure around 60 FPS on low settings. For the higher settings, one can be recommended gaming PC with Nvidia GTX 1060. I myself have tested the following settings on a Lenovo Y700.

In relation to securing the best FPS in the game on the PC you now have, a number of sections are listed below. These sections each represent something that can be done to improve frames per second in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG).

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Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and fresh install

There are a number of elements that go into making PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds run well. Windows 10 has a lot to say, especially for users with laptops. This is because there is a lot of junk software pre-installed on many laptops, as well as other elements that give a bad configuration to the game.

Just a fresh install of Windows with this update gave me 30 FPS on my Lenovo Y700 setup. Before I ran with a clean installation of Windows 10, but the Fall Creators Update must really have many improvements.

By installing the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, it is possible to boost the FPS with a 960M by around 30 FPS if it is already low (around 30 FPS). I have tested this myself on a Lenovo Y700 gaming laptop PC. In the video below, I have prepared a video in Danish as far as I remember. This hopefully makes it a bit easier to install Windows 10 with a Danish guide. Feel free to leave a comment on something that worked.

  • Backup important files (photos, documents, videos)
  • Download Windows 10 Fall Creators Update ISO: Fall Creators Windows 10
  • Open the ISO file and transfer the files to a USB key using a program such as RUFUS if necessary
  • BOOT / start the Windows installation via the USB key and install the operating system on the correct partition on the hard drive

The necessary drivers, such as Nvidia drivers, are then installed. However, there is also a special procedure for this, which is detailed below:

PUBG FPS Guide – Nvidia Driver Installation

In connection with Nvidia driver installation for PUBG, you must first remove the driver completely from the registry. It is important that a complete "wipe" of the driver is carried out.

Fortunately, Guru3d has a tool for this which is linked here: Guru3d tool

It is recommended to start in "safe mode" in relation to this, but it is not necessary. After doing the full deletion of drivers, latest new driver can be installed.

Find the latest Nvidia driver for 960M, 860M, 1060M and more here: Download Geforce Driver

This also applies to AMD Radeon graphics cards. I am testing myself on a Lenovo Y700 gaming laptop.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds FPS Graphics Card Overclocking Guide

Compared to graphics card overclocking, this can also provide a significant amount of additional FPS. However, you must be careful when using this method, as you may risk damaging the PC. If you use one of the following tools, make sure you have proper cooling. Use the cooling software that comes with the laptop. For example Lenovo Nerve Sense.

There are several different tools for overclocking your graphics card, including among others:

If you are using a laptop with a GTX 960M, the following settings are recommended:

  • 60 GPU clock offset
  • 700 memory clock offset

Keep an eye on the temperature. It is at your own risk.

In-game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) FPS guide for 60 FPS

Graphics settings from the game.

With a relatively low-end graphics card, my recommendation is to use the following settings on an Nvida GTX 960M:

  • Everything at very low
    • In addition to texture on high or ultra
    • View distance very low or medium
    • Anti-Aliasing on on medium with 1080p resolution and 80%-85% screenscale
    • Vsync on / enabled:

PUBG FPS Guide – Hard Drive Defragmentation

If the game is on a conventional hard drive, defragmenting the hard drive is recommended. This can be done with the tool Defrags. If you have an SSD, it is almost not worth defragmenting it, as SSDs are built in a different and much smarter way.

Several options that can potentially increase FPS without replacing the graphics card and CPU:

  • Special scrips and tweaks
  • Cleanup of PC software
  • SSD
  • CPU overclock
  • Fast 16 GB RAM – preferably 2133 MHz

Buy the game cheap and summary of this PUBG FPS guide

In summary, it is therefore a clean installation of the Windows 10 Fall Creator's update, as well as display drivers using Guru3d's tool, which potentially gives the most FPS. The game should also be run from an SSD for optimal loading of elements. The main points from this Danish PUBG FPS guide are listed below in point form:

  • Fresh Windows 10 with the latest update, remember to backup unique data Fall Creators Windows 10
  • Uninstall graphics drivers and download latest ones, – Guru3d tool
  • and install drivers fresh again – Download Geforce Driver
  • Apply appropriate in-game settings
  • Overclock the graphics card, but be careful
  • Use the proper cooling software that comes with the laptop. For example: Lenovo Nerve Sense. Remember to use a headset, as cooling is often noisy.
  • Defragment hard drive if it is a conventional hard drive – Defrags

By the way, didn't end up sitting in-game during the entire writing process anyway. Hope this Danish PUBG FPS guide was useful and if there are any questions, there is one contact form. Everyone is also welcome to follow on Facebook. We also build PCs tailored to your needs. Take a look if necessary Ryzen 1200 gaming PC. Buy the game here: Buy PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) at a cheap price.

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