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Age of Empires IV (4) – Release Date

Age of Empires IV (4) Front-Cover_Games for Windows
The picture is fan-made, made from the official launch trailer!

Age of Empires IV (4) has just been announced a short time ago with a preview of the game's artwork. There is therefore no gameplay to see yet. Who would have expected that we would see a fourth in the series of one of the most defining games for the RTS genre in 2017. When we will get to see gameplay remains to be seen. Likewise, it is unknown when we will be told the release date in relation to Age of Empires IV (4). Whether it will be 2017 or 2018 is therefore very much unknown. However, do not despair and read on!

The previous editions of the game were some of the best of its time, and therefore the 4 may also be a bestseller. This both within RTS, gameplay, production, but also history. Therefore, the target group is also large, which gives the game an extremely good potential.

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Since the game is just announced, it will most likely be a few months before we know more about a release date. Until then, it is possible to play the old classics in their classic or remastered versions. This is clearly something we recommend at Billige Koder, as the games were some of the first to define the RTS genre.

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