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PUBG is finally getting Skins

PUBG Skins are now coming, which is great news for many of the game's users on Steam. For some it is a welcome news, and for others it is primarily the gameplay that is interesting. At Billige Koder, we would like to find out what you think about the news.

Poll on the addition of skins to PUBG

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The new PUBG skins, which were discovered by players earlier this month, can be unlocked via PUBG's latest 'loot crates', called 'Triumph Crates' and 'Raider Crates'. These boxes will only contain skins for weapons, and therefore not the same content as the previous boxes.

Prices for raiders, as well as triumph loot crates

The 'Raider boxes' will reportedly be free and will not require keys to unlock. 'Triumph boxes' can be unlocked using 'Weapon Cosmetic Keys', which are purchased via the Steam market. This also changes the drop chances for the previous boxes, as more is now added to the calculation. Some have tried to calculate these rates, which we at Billige Koder admire, but we still firmly believe in the RNG concept.

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