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Experience a world of mystery and adventure with Stick Rpg 2 Directors Cut. Throw yourself into a bizarre and unknown city, where you must find your place among strange citizens. Work, fight, study, eat, drink, gamble, train, sleep, search, collect, invest and repeat. Build up your stats and net worth and collect the mysterious trans-dimensional artifacts. Solve the mysteries of this paper-thin city and find your way home. Explore new areas and complete exciting tasks. Choose from 25 different careers including Forester, Professor, Escort, Personal Trainer, Light Knight and Dark Lord. Use 18 new weapons and fight in 3 new battle zones. Experience an expanded romance system, participate in 2 new mini-games and earn 30 trophies. All this and much more awaits you with Stick Rpg 2 Directors Cut. Buy yours Steam Key Global at Cheap Codes today and dive into this amazing adventure.


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