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Get your hands on Songs of Syx, the amazing fantasy city builder that will take you on an epic journey from an insignificant colony to a magnificent metropolis. The mechanics of the game are complex and realistic, and small events can have big consequences for your kingdoms. The low-fantasy style graphics will spark your imagination and bring the world to life. Start by building the basic necessities for survival and explore the lives and personalities of your residents. You don't control them directly, but rather make the plans and they execute them intelligently. Take good care of them and more will immigrate to your settlement. But be careful, because if you let them down, they can turn on you. Take your city further and build it up into a metropolis with up to 30,000 individuals. But be careful, because there are many challenges and dangers on the way. Play now and discover the vibrant world, the massive scale of base building, the deep strategy and the massive tactical battles of Songs of Syx.


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