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Take control of Karl Fairburne, a lone American sniper who must stop the Soviet Union from taking control of Germany's nuclear secrets. In Sniper Elite you get the opportunity to experience realistic weapons and ballistics where you have to aim precisely and take many aspects into consideration before pulling the trigger. You can take different positions like crawling or lying on the ground to improve your weapon handling, and even hold your breath to take a safe shot. In addition to your sniper rifle, you also have access to a variety of weapons and the ability to throw grenades and use booby traps. The game also offers two different perspectives, depending on the situation, as well as a slow motion of the bullet to show that you have hit your target. You can play solo or with others in a massive single player campaign or in multiplayer modes like Deathmatch or Assassination. In short, Sniper Elite allows you to experience the thrill and realism of being a sniper during WWII.


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