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Discover the ultimate sniper experience with Sniper Elite 4! This game takes you to the front line as Karl Fairburne, fighting the Nazis in the Italian resistance. Rebellion Developments has improved every aspect of the series, with bigger maps, better takedowns and more freedom of movement. You will be impressed by the huge maps that offer countless opportunities for strategy and tactics. With the improved X-ray killcam, you can enjoy watching your enemies get eliminated in spectacular fashion. The advanced AI makes the enemies more intelligent and reacts to your actions, providing a challenging gaming experience. And with Karl Fairburne's enhanced mobility, you can move around the environment and use the architecture to your advantage. Whether you're a seasoned sniper or new to the genre, Sniper Elite 4 will satisfy your need for thrills and action. Buy your CD key online at Billige Koder today and go on an unforgettable sniper mission!


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