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Build your own city and run it the way you want with SimCity Complete Edition! This MMO City-building game allows you to create and manage your own metropolis. Divide your city into residential, commercial and industrial zones and watch it grow and develop. Each Sim in your town has their own personality and traits, and their actions can have unexpected consequences. You also need to be prepared for disasters that can destroy your city, like a meteor strike or an earthquake. But fear not, you can also get sadistic fun out of seeing how your city fares in these disasters. SimCity Complete Edition also includes the “Cities of Tomorrow” expansion pack and all DLCs, so you can create a futuristic city and add iconic structures like Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower. Play in multiplayer mode and cooperate with other players by exchanging resources and goods. So take control of your own city and create your dream city with SimCity Complete Edition!


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