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Experience a world full of action, gore and Asian atmosphere in Shadow Warrior 3! In this game, we follow the fallen shogun Lo Wang, who, with his sharp katana and sharp tongue, embarks on a dangerous mission to restore a detached dragon. You don't need to know the previous games in the series to enjoy this sequel.
Shadow Warrior 3 mixes mind-blowing first-person shooter action with a neo-feudal Asian setting. Prepare to fight fearsome enemies and use your private arsenal to overcome them. But be quick and agile to move through the stages of the game. Use air jets, jumps and wall driving to move quickly and reach new heights. And don't forget your giant hook that improves your maneuverability and can be used as a weapon against the enemies. Explore a world full of dangerous traps and mechanisms and get total demolition with the katana cannons! Buy your Shadow Warrior 3 CD key online at Cheap Codes and take part in this crazy adventure!


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